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What is a tablet?

An e-reader is an electronic reading device that is designed to make the reading experience as pleasant as possible. E-readers has a special screen technology, where light is reflected like on a piece of paper, as opposed to radiating light like on computers and cellphones. An eReader is of similar size as a paper book, but usually a bit thinner. The amount of different eReaders available for purchase is increasing, and our e-books in format PDF or EPUB can generally be read in all of them except Amazon Kindle. As long as the eReader has support for EPUB and Adobe’s DRM it shoul work – view the list supported devices here.


How do I transfer e-books to my e-book reader?

For e-readers that cannot download content from the web you first need to download the book to your computer and then transfer it to your eReader. That can be done with this software Adobe Digital Editions or, if you have a Sony eReader Sony Reader. The procedure is a bit different from device to device – view the manual for your device – but basically this is how it works:

1. Install the reader software (Adobe Digital Editions or Sony), register a Adobe-ID, loan and download the book according the instruction found here.

2. The book should now be available in Adobe Digital Editions library view on your device. Connect your eReader while keeping the reader software active. An icon should appear in the column on the left. The first time you will be prompted to connect you Adobe-ID.

3. Transfer the books to the eReader by dragging them from the library view to the eReader symbol to the left


I have problems downloading to my Sony eReader

Some borrowers have recently had problems with downloading eBooks to the Reader app for the PC, which is used to add the books to e-book readers from Sony. When they tried to download the book, they instead just downloaded the file (URLlink.acsm) and can not open the book. In some cases, they also get a notice that the book is already in their bookcase.

It is solved easily by authorizing for Reader for PC with the same Adobe ID that you used earlier:

1. Start Reader For PC

2. Click "Edit" and "Preferences"

3. Click "Deauthorize" and "Computer"

4. info "Info" (upper right)

5. Under "Reader for PC / Mac," then click "Authorize" and enter the same email address and password that you have registered as Adobe ID already.

6. Then try to download the book again from the library's page.

If you forgot the password to your Adobe ID, you can get a new one by going to http://adobe.se , click "Login" and then on "Forgot password?"


Why can not I read the library's e-books on Amazon Kindle?

Amazon Kindle is primarily designed for reading books sold by Amazon, and can't handle the copy protection used by other distributors.

However, if you have a Kindle Fire, you can install the Aldiko app and then download books the same way as other Android devices.      See instructions here .



How do I read e-books on Linux?

Unfortunately there are no software developed for Linux that can handle copy-protected e-books available in libraries. However, some users got it working by running the Adobe Digital Editions software in a Windows emulator like WINE .

However it should go fine to read e-books directly online on Linux. To read a book you borrowed online, go to "My Books", go to the book you want to read and click on "Read".

Note that you must be connected to the Internet to read online.

Instructions for reading the online reader:

- Browse: Click on the right to advance, left for backwards. You can also browse longer pieces by dragging      scroll bar at the bottom of the page.

- Menu: Click the middle of the text to bring up a menu where you can search the text, see your bookmarks, change the text settings, and see the facts about the book.

- Bookmarks: To add a bookmark in the text, select a word in the paragraph you want to bookmark. Click "Save Bookmark" and type in what you      wants. Your bookmarks and notes are saved as long as the loan is active.


Windows Mobile

How do I read e-books on Windows Mobile?

We are at present not aware of any apps for Windows Phone that can read encrypted e-books.

Online reading should however work on Windows Mobile. To read the book you borrowed for online reading, go to "My books" go to the book you would like to read and click "Read".

Please note that you need to have internet access to read online. /p>

Instructions for reading in the online reader:

- Bläddra/Browse: Click on the right edge to move forward, click on the right edge to move back. You can also move larger steps at the time by pulling the slide bar at the bottom of the page.

- Meny/Meny: Click on the text to gain access to a menu where you can search in the text, se your bookmarks, change fonts and see information about the book.

- Bokmärken/Bookmarks: To add a bookmark, mark a word/paragraph that you wish to bookmark. Click on "Spara som bokmärke"/"Save as bookmark" and write your text.